By SAMUEL ONYURO KAJWANGHuman Resources & Administration Officer. OASIS MEDICAL CENTRE.


The government has upgraded CHAK member, Oasis Medical Centre, to a level 4 hospital. Oasis got the upgrade in November 2017 during its license renewal process.

The upgrade followed a recommendation by Kilifi County Health inspectors who on one of their visits to the facility recommended the move. The inspectors had asked the Oasis administration to apply for the upgrade due to the facilities and services offered by the CHAK member health unit.

The facility applied for the upgrade during its license renewal process and was granted its request.

Level 4 Hospitals are the coordinating and referral centres for smaller units at district level. Level 4 Hospitals in Kenya have the resources to provide comprehensive medical and surgical services.


Congratulations Oasis Medical Centre



RGC Oasis Level 4 Hospital is a faith-based social welfare program by Jesus CelebrationCentre (JCC).

Established in 2005, Oasis has been a leading provider of quality primary health care services in the North Coast region.





The facility began as a community HIV clinic initially located in mutomondoni, Mtwapa, Kilifi County, before relocating to its current premises in Mzambarauni area. The facility is located along the Mombasa-Malindi Highway, 1.5Km after Mtwapa town.

Oasis has been a member of CHAK since 2006.

The idea behind setting up the facility was behind was to bring much needed help to the local community through creating awareness about HIV/AIDS. The messages revolved around behavior change, mother-to-child care, good nutrition, hygiene and clean water, family planning and small-scale business training for self-sustenance.

Oasis Medical Centre believes in holistic healing and development of a person’s spirit, soul and body.

The main aim of missionaries Pia Lind and Kirsi Nyrhinen has been to reach those who are directly infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.


Mtwapa town, with its numerous bars and restaurants, has attracted foreigners and locals alike to its flourishing night life.

Trade in drugs and alcohol is common as is prostitution. This, so called “easy money” has become quite attractive to many youth who choose to forgo their education.

The result is illiteracy and ignorance, including cultural practices such as polygamy which contribute to the rapid spread of TB, HIV/AIDS and other STIs. This has led to a high mortality rate among children as well as adults.

Oasis runs a charitable program for people living with HIV/AIDS. The program currently has 800 active clients including 100 children. Support groups for the adults and play days for the children help them interact and make new friends. Through the groups, the members find encouragement and support to help them overcome their daily challenges. Interventions are also sought and solutions found through these support mechanisms.

Through the daily home based care program, the hospital follows up on clients in order to prevent defaulting from drugs. Social workers identify orphans, widows and single mothers for support.


Since inception, Oasis has grown to offer many more services. The 24 hours medical facility has modern medical units, emergency care, an ambulance, fully equipped Laboratory, well stocked pharmacy, extensive outpatient and inpatient services, antenatal, maternity, postnatal, X-ray, Ultrasound, gynecology and family planning, pediatric, dental and physiotherapy services.

In addition, its HIV program offers counselling, testing and antiretroviral therapy.

The hospital has many year round community programs and also offers diabetes and TB services. Surgical services will soon be available at the hospital.

Nurse checking for Vital Signs.


The hospital’s maternity wing ensures the safety of mothers giving birth.

Before the maternity wing was out up, the area around the hospital experienced a high mortality rate for mothers and babies due to traditional practices.

Most mothers would deliver their babies at home, where complications unfortunately often turn fatal. Oasis has, however, joined a project for safe motherhood and reproductive health and changed the culture among the mothers in the community who now prefer to deliver their babies in the hospital.

Clinicians at the separate maternity wing.

There is a standby ambulance in case of complications and a surgical facility is in the process of construction and is expected to be completed in 2018.






Christian Health Association of Kenya has been very instrumental in the growth of Oasis Medical Centre. CHAK’s National Health Care Technical Services (NHCTS) workshop has installed, repaired and maintained the hospital’s and also sourced for spare parts when needed. Oasis particularly appreciates Kenneth Njeru for his hard work. The hospital is also in the process of setting up a surgical theatre and NHCTS has been instrumental in the project. CHAK health quality systems advisor Rebekka Oelze has helped Oasis implement continuous quality improvement. With her assistance, the facility has done quality documentation. She has also trained the facility on Infection Prevention and Control.

We thank God for this far and give him all the Glory.

Oasis Level 4 Hospital Staff.

oasis medical doctors and nurses.