Oasis Medical Centre
About Us

Oasis Medical Centre

Oasis Medical Centre is a Faith Based health development initiative that was established in 2005 by Kirsi Nyrhinen from Finland and Pia Lind from Sweden; who together with a team of local professionals began to fight to the outbreak of HIV/Aids that had caused a national disaster in Kenya. From a small dispensary unit, Oasis Medical Centre has grown to a large health center with separate delivery wing. Oasis Medical Centre has over 40 members of staff governed by a management team who report directly to the Executive Board of Trustees.

Pediatric Clinics

We provide Paediatric Health Services as well as a Child Nutritionist Every Friday from 8:00 AM to 12 Noon

Women Clinics

We provide weekly Clinics for soon to be mothers as well as mothers. Child Welfare and Family Planning Clinics Every Monday and Thursday from 8AM to Noon. ANC Clinics every Tuesday from 8AM to 12 Noon

Diabetic Clinics

We provide clinical services for patients suffering from Diabetes once a month. Every First Wednesday of the month