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Fight against aids

In Mtwapa, with its numerous bars and restaurants, the nightlife has attracted foreigners and locals alike to the flourishing trade in drugs, alcohol and prostitution. This, so-called “easy money” has become more attractive to many youth than education.

Illiteracy and ignorance because of it, including cultural practice of polygamy, all add to the rapid spread of TB, HIV/AIDS and other STI’s creating a high mortality rate among children as well as adults.


The health centre operates for the purpose of providing community facilities for the people of Mtwapa and beyond. Treatment of pre and post natal care is provided as well as free TB and HIV testing.

We currently have a full maternity care and in-patient services. This makes us effective in preventing HIV-positive mother to infect their babies at birth.

With our professional staffing we have been able to give quality services through a well-equipped laboratory.

Our goal is to have enough equipment to be able to do the tests that are needed for the people in the area.

We are now able to offer:

  • All STD tests & HIV
  • Routine tests, stool & urine
  • Pregnancy
  • Malaria, Typhoid, Malaria
  • T.B. (free medicine will be given in collaboration with the Kenyan Government)
  • Complete antenatal profile
  • Serology and Diabetes
  • Haematology
  • Microbiology


A Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre for HIV/AIDS are in the operational facility of Oasis Medical Centre operating separately and offering full VCT program according to the Kenyan Government without cost. The counselling room is a place where HIV/AIDS infected and affected is being be attended to by quality-trained staff from Monday-Friday.