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Oasis Medical Centre is opened 24hrs a day


Oasis Medical Centre is located along the Mombasa Malindi Highway after the Mtwapa Weighbridge in Mzambarauni, Mtwapa, Kilifi County, Kenya



NHIF (National Scheme)






First Assurance

What We Do

Oasis Medical Centre provides a variety of services that are aimed that improving your physical well-being

Outpatient services

Physical Healing

Oasis Medical Centre provides a wide array of outpatient services. The doctors are extremely qualified and experienced.


Oasis Medical Centre provides a wide number of inpatient services and provide a comfortable and serene environment for patients to recuperate.

radiology services

Oasis Medical Centre is in possession of a state of the art x-ray and ultrasound machines for your radiology related requests.

Laboratory services

Oasis Medical Centre possess a state of the art laboratory that is able to accurately cater for a wide variety of concurrent tests.


Oasis Medical Centre possess a state of the art maternity wing with an ambulance for emergencies.


Oasis medical Centre’s team of surgical professionals provides comprehensive and highly personalized diagnostic and surgical services. The team works together to provide you with expert and compassionate care before, during, and after your surgery.


Oasis Medical Centre employs a professional and very experienced physiotherapy team able to solve a wide variety of physiological issues.


Oasis Medical Centre has a fully stocked pharmacy that is open 24 hours a day. 

Mother Child Services

Oasis medical Centre conducts ANC Clinics (Every Tuesday from 8AM to Noon), CWC Clinics (Every Monday and Friday from 8AM to Noon) and PMTCT Clinics (Every Thursday from 8AM to Noon).

Specialist Clinics

Oasis Medical Centre consultants offer a range of specialist consultations for those in need of the same

What Else We Do

In a bid to make a difference in the lives of the people in our community, Oasis Medical Centre goes the distance in performing the following:

Home Based Care

Free Medical Camps

Life Skills Coaching

Spread The Gospel

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