Mother Child Health Services

Oasis Medical Centre MCH Department is committed to enhancing the health of mothers and children under the age of five years. On average about 400 mothers visit the clinic each month.
Care of mother include: monitoring of vital signs including weight, full physical examination with emphasis on the growth of the pregnancy, laboratory examination – ANC profile. All mothers who attend the clinic are counseled and tested for HIV infection (PMTCT) during their first visit.
The Child Welfare Clinic (CWC) attends to children under the age of five – through health education to their mothers, monitoring weights and administering primary vaccines – BCG, polio, pentavalent, and measles. Special concerns such as underweight and malnutrition are identified during this clinic and appropriate intervention taken. The sick children are also identified and treated.

The services offered at MCH Include but are not limited to:

Antenatal care (ANC)  Every Tuesday From 8AM To 12Noon

Child welfare and Immunization (CWC) Every Monday and Friday From 8AM To 12Noon

Prevention of mother transmission of HIV (PMTCT) services Every Thursday From 8AM To 12Noon

Natural Family Planning (FP) Every Friday From 8AM To 12Noon